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Support groups in South Africa


Adopt A Pink Piggy (APP)

Contact: A website-based contact form is used.


This is a fundraising organisation of the Breast Health Foundation (BHF). School children are encouraged to buy a pink plastic piggybank (R10). The piggybank is named and fed in silver and bronze coins. Funds raised go to the BHF to help raise awareness.

amaBele Belles

Contact: Michelle Rennie

Tel: 083 302 2189 / 021 939 7823

Email: /


Dragon boat racing club for breast cancer survivors, promoting healthy exercise, improving fitness with the aim of showing that there can be life after cancer.

Breast Cancer Survivor

Contact: Shirley Rushmere

Tel: 082 800 4456

BreastSens (BS)


Advocacy group aimed at moving the national dialogue to a patient-sensitive and inclusive cause of disease and cure research paradigm. Working in partnership with the Chris Hani Baragwaneth Hospital’s Breast Care unit to improve the survival rate of women from Soweto. Would like to improve the research base regarding breast cancer within South Africa.

Breast Health Foundation (BHF)

Contact: Rebecca Musi

Tel: 011 428 9492 / 083 403 1011

Email: /


The Breast Health Foundation focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer through education. Education covers self-assessment techniques, general information regarding breast cancer and dispelling myths.

Mobile Education Units have been sent around the country in conjunction with Avon Justine.

Awareness campaigns such as ‘Pink Peddlers’ cycling group are used to draw attention to the cause of breast cancer.

Support to survivors of breast cancer is provided through Bosom Buddies.


Contact: Louisa Mthembu

Tel: 084 299 6943 / 071 892 9989


Contact: Philile Dludla

Tel: 073 282 7273

Western Cape

Contact: Rosalind Ludolph

Tel: 071 892 9840 / 083 897 1075


Bosom Buddies (BB)

Contact: Rebecca Musi

Tel: 0860 283 343 / 083 403 1011


Bosom buddies is a Gauteng support group that aims to redefine the perceptions of breast cancer and promote positive mind set of survival, recovery and quality of life. There are regional branches.

Campaign for Cancer (C4C)

Contact: Dot Webb

Tel: 0861 ASK NOW (0861 275 669) / 082 878 1348

Email: /


Campaign for Cancer is a Johannesburg-based advocacy group specialising in giving a voice to patients and those affected by cancer. The practice addresses concerns relating to policy, healthcare costs and delivery. Individual patient needs are addressed. This is performed in conjunction with addressing larger issues by highlighting these cases and lobbying for policy change that will affect all of society.

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA)

Tel: 0800 22 66 22 (toll free) / 011 616 7662



CANSA is a large well-established NPO with branches throughout South Africa. Research into all forms of cancer backs strong public awareness campaigns. Support is provided and aims to lead the fight against cancer in South Africa. The mission is to be preferred non-profit organisation that enables research, education to the public and provides support for cancer victims.

Eastern Cape

East London

Tel: 042 727 1010


Tel: 047 532 5525

Port Elizabeth

Tel: 041 373 5157

Free State


Tel: 058 303 3522


Tel: 051 444 2580


Tel: 057 353 2112



Tel: 011 869 5644


Tel: 011 648 2340


Tel: 012 329 3036


Tel: 011 935 1295

Vaal Triangle

Tel: 016 423 3506

Western Gauteng

Tel: 011 760 4087



Tel: 031 205 9525

Parklands Hospital Support Group

Contact: Bernice de Langristin

Tel: 031 242 4129 / 031 266 6053 (082 924 3584 a/h)


Makhula House Interim Home

Contact: Linda Cipolla

Tel: 031 205 9525



Tel: 035 772 5699


Tel: 034 315 1751


Tel: 033 342 9837

Port Shepstone

Tel: 039 682 7680



Tel: 015 297 1268


Tel: 014 594 2424


Tel: 014 717 4741



Tel: 013 741 5441 / 2


Tel: 013 6565420

North West


Tel: 018 469 1889

Northern Cape


Tel: 053 831 2968


Tel: 027 712 2868


Tel: 054 332 4937

Western Cape

Cape Metro

Tel: 021 689 5347


Tel: 044 874 4824


Tel: 022 482 1111


Tel: 023 342 7058

HPCA Hospice Palliative Care Association

Contact: Dr Liz Gwyther

Tel: 083 651 6294 / 021 531 0277



The HPCA has been instrumental in establishing a number of palliative care structures across the country. Apart from providing palliative care, HPCA is involved in education of nurses and research into care and cancers. They support an advocacy group. There are a number of affiliated hospices around the country.

Journey of Hope (JoH)

Contact: Beverley Sterley

Tel: 082 840 3633

Email: /


A message of hope is carried through education as breast cancer survivors’ travels around the country on motorbikes. The journey takes the form of support for those who have survived, creating friendship bonds with other survivors and education, dispelling myths where possible. Fundraising to aid patients from rural areas who require prosthetics or expanders.

Look Good, Feel better (LGFB)

Contact: Margaret Hewson

Tel: 011 795 3927 / 011 795 3927



Look Good, Feel Better is a locally based international NGO focused on promoting the wellbeing of women with cancer. This is achieved through Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Association (CTFA) to provide free beauty/makeover workshops to cancer patients. Enabling survivors to appear better and thus build confidence.

Eastern Cape

Contact: Bev Geleta

Tel: 082 577 2315


Free State

Contact: Dr Ilsa de Wit

Tel: 082 888 9653




Contact: Chamaine van Schalkwyk

Tel: 082 344 6693



Contact: Natalie Orwin

Tel: 084 564 5200




Contact: Lesley Tooley / Karen van der Walt

Tel: 072 675 1168 / 083 286 2268

Email: /


Contact: Loren Maguire

Tel: 082 493 4656

Western Cape

Contact: Helen Ohlhoff

Tel: 083 270 7470

People Living With Cancer (PLWC)

Contact: Linda Greef

Tel: 0800 033 337 (toll free) / 021 782 9113

Email: /


PLWC is an umbrella organisation responsible for many cancer-related programmes. A synergistic and co-operative management programme assists all projects to run efficiently.

Current projects include the following.

The PLWC Cancer Buddies project


Tel: 021 782 9113 / 076 775 6099


Cancer Buddies is a peer-to-peer support group project of People Living with Cancer. A support network has been established with the aim of providing advice to those living with cancer.

The Patient Empowerment Project and Photovoice Project

The cancer advocacy initiative of PLWC.

Can-Sir – The voice of men with cancer

Contact: Ismail-Ian Fife, Tina or Tiffany

Tel: 079 315 8627 / 021 761 6070 / 021 782 9113

Email: /


Aims to improve the education, primarily surrounding ‘shy’ cancers in men while removing the stigma of cancer. Screening is promoted and support offered to those diagnosed.

Cancer.vive – The cancer awareness and education project

Contact: Frieda Henning / Marilia van Wyk

Tel: 082 335 4912 / 044 802 0420

Email: /


Raise awareness of cancer, focusing on early detection. Education centres on week-long motorbike tours of survivors to rural or remote towns. Links survivors with others through the PLWC framework.

CanSurvive Support Group

Based at Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Centre in Johannesburg.

Hazeldene Hall, Junction Avenue (opposite Netcare Park Lane Hospital), Parktown, Johannesburg


Lend Your Hand – Cancer ambassadors awareness and fundraising project


Fundraising initiative of Cancer Buddies. People are encouraged to purchase a small bracelet with the proceeds going to PLWC to function. This also helps raise awareness of cancer, the different colours of the bracelet denoting varying cancers.


Contact: Chris Oliver

Tel: 073 975 1452 / 011 468 1429



Contact: Jean Robinson

Tel: 078 727 1078

Pink Drive (PD)

Contact: Nolene Kotschan

Tel: 011 998 8022 / 083 460 6146



PinkDrive focuses on education and screening for breast cancer all round South Africa with the aim of enabling disadvantaged communities access to resources and education. One mobile breast unit and three educational cars are used to facilitate the screening and education.

Pink Trees for Pauline (PTP)

Contact: Adri van Nieuwenhuizen

Tel: 082 460 6386



Aims to raise awareness of and funding for breast cancer through the decoration of trees in pink. Fabric to wrap trees in can be bought from PinkTrees. Most of the funds raised are utilised to improve the quality of life of those living with cancer in participating towns.

Reach for Recovery (RFR)

Contact: Stephanie van Deventer

Tel: 071 602 3369 / 021 889 5806



Reach for Recovery (R4R) is a breast-cancer support organisation with a unique focus on breast-cancer support and one of the only organisations that provide a patient support service on a national basis. Well-selected and trained volunteers, who each have experienced the breast-cancer journey, render an emotional care and practical support programme to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and their families. In some regions a prosthesis service is also provided, and the focus is also on indigent women that cannot afford this service.

Eastern Cape

Contact: Leoni Harry

Tel: 079 928 0178


Free State / Northern Cape

Contact: Ardath Datnow

Tel: 079 760 4491



Contact: Beulah Jankelowitz

Tel: 083 897 0221



Contact: Marika Wade

Tel: 072 248 0008


Western Cape

Contact: Alison Ayre

Tel: 071 283 4249


Sinomusanothando – Community Development (SCD)

Contact: Dr Thandeka Mazibuko

Tel: 084 311 9230

Email: /


Community-based organisation aiming to raise awareness in rural communities. Education is provided to school groups and the community through cancer awareness works walks. Free screening, referral and follow-up for breast, cervix, prostate and HIV-related conditions is preformed by the group.

Wings of Hope (WoH)

Contact: Joan Lamb

Tel: 082 448 9987



A Johannesburg-based support group built up of breast cancer survivors. Public meetings, hospital visits and telephonic support.