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How to use this Learning Station

On this Learning Station, you can read and test your knowledge. Tap on a book to open its chapter list. In each chapter, you can take a quiz to test your knowledge.

To take tests, you must register with your email address or cell number. It is free to register and to take tests.

For help email or call +27 76 657 0353.

Printed books

Learning is easiest with printed books. To order printed books, email or call +27 76 657 0353.

Visit for information.


We would like to thank Dr Elbeth Hoffman from Kidz Positive and Prof David Woods from the Perinatal Education Programme for their contribution towards this guide.

It was developed with input by Emma Attwell and Julia Norrish, assisted by Dezre Little and Arthur Attwell.

With your help, it can be better: please send your comments to