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How to use this Learning Station

On this Learning Station, you can read and test your knowledge. Tap on a book to open its chapter list. In each chapter, you can take a quiz to test your knowledge.

To take tests, you must register with your email address or cell number. It is free to register and to take tests.

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Before the first group meeting

☐ Identify needs for training at your institution.
☐ Decide which need is the most urgent (you can get input from other staff members here).
☐ Choose an appropriate Bettercare course.
☐ Draw up a training budget.
☐ Get stakeholder buy-in.
☐ Advertise the course.
☐ Hold a preliminary information session about the Bettercare course you will run.
☐ Sign up group members (about 5–10) and get their contact details.
☐ Organise how you will read the books (online for free or order print versions).
☐ Contact everyone to say when and where the first official meeting will be held.
☐ Start a ‘Facilitator’s File’ (a flip-file is an easy and neat option) where you keep copies of templates, notes and important documents.

At the first group meeting

☐ Let group members introduce themselves.
☐ Introduce and discuss what decentralised learning means.
☐ Make group rules that everyone agrees with.
☐ Establish goals that everyone shares.
☐ Explain how the learning programme works.
☐ Explain your role in the group (not a teacher, but a facilitator).
☐ Decide how, when and where future group meetings will happen.
☐ Decide if you will write the exam at the end of the course (you can change your mind).
☐ Choose a treasurer (who will monitor the budget and finances).

Before every group meeting

☐ All group members must read the relevant chapter.
☐ Create the lesson plan (see Chapter 4: How to run a Bettercare group).
☐ Make sure you have all the resources you need for the meeting.
☐ Organise someone to demonstrate the skill if needed.
☐ Send out a reminder SMS to all group members of session venue and time.

At group meetings

☐ Discuss difficult sections of the chapter you have all studied the previous week.
☐ Go through the chapter case studies.
☐ Have a demonstration and discussion of the relevant skill.
☐ Everyone does the post-test for the chapter you have studied and discussed.
☐ Everyone marks and records the pre- and post-tests.
☐ Everyone completes the pre-test for the next chapter.

After completing the chapters

☐ Decide who will write the exam (including yourself).
☐ Email to request as many exams as you need.
☐ If you will be writing the exam, organise an exam invigilator.
☐ Write the one-hour, 75-question exam.
☐ Notify Bettercare of the participants’ results.
☐ Receive certificates.
☐ If 80% of your group are successful in the exam, you will receive a facilitator’s certificate.
☐ Arrange a certificate handover ceremony if possible.
☐ Take a group photo and send to