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Maternal Care has been edited from the Maternal Care manual of the Perinatal Education Programme. This learning programme for professionals is developed by the Perinatal Education Trust and funded by Eduhealthcare.

We acknowledge all the participants of the Perinatal Education Programme who have made suggestions and offered constructive criticism over the years. It is only through constant feedback from colleagues and participants that the content of the Perinatal Education Programme courses can be improved.

Contributors to Maternal Care: Prof H van C de Groot, Dr D Greenfield, Ms H Louw, Ms M Petersen, Dr N Rhoda, Prof G Theron, Prof D Woods

Bettercare would like to acknowledge Dr Kenneth Beviss-Challinor for his contribution towards the proofreading of this book.

Editor-in-Chief of the Perinatal Education Programme: Prof D Woods

Editor of Maternal Care: Prof G Theron