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Test 1: Introduction to maternal mental health

  1. What is mental illness?
    • Feeling distressed
    • A diagnosable condition
    • Irritating behaviour
    • Stressing other people
  2. How common is mental illness during and after pregnancy in South Africa?
    • Less common than in high-income countries
    • All pregnant women suffer from mental illness
    • About one in three pregnant women in South Africa have a mental illness
    • It is very rare for pregnant women in South Africa
  3. Which mental illnesses are known as common mental disorders?
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Bipolar affective disorder and obsessive–compulsive disorder
    • TB and HIV/AIDS
  4. How can mental illness in the mother affect the baby?
    • It is caused by a virus and so crosses the placental barrier
    • Babies are likely to develop genetic defects
    • Babies are too young to be affected
    • Babies may be delivered prematurely with low birth weight
  5. Which of the following are risk factors for maternal mental illness?
    • Living in a high-income country
    • Smoking
    • Being a teenager
    • Having more than four children
  6. A pregnant woman who learns that she is HIV positive during pregnancy may:
    • Feel guilty or anxious about her baby possibly getting HIV
    • Become depressed and feel it is not worth adhering to the PMTCT protocol
    • Deny her HIV status
    • All of the above
  7. Which of the following has a positive effect on maternal mental health?
    • Supportive family and friends
    • Substance use
    • Previous history of mental illness
    • Unplanned pregnancy
  8. What is the ‘baby blues’?
    • A baby that needs to be given oxygen at birth
    • A male infant
    • Bruising from delivery
    • Temporary mood swings after the birth of the baby
  9. Which of the following could be a symptom of depression?
    • Spending too much money
    • Active sex drive
    • Feeling helpless and worthless
    • Nail biting
  10. Which of the following physical symptoms may be associated with a mental illness?
    • Headaches
    • Disturbed sleep
    • Both headaches and disturbed sleep
    • None of the above
  11. Which of the following could be a symptom of anxiety?
    • Sweating
    • Swearing
    • Spending a lot of money
    • Sleeping all the time
  12. Obsessive–compulsive disorder is suspected when
    • Someone is obsessed with a famous person
    • Someone has unwanted thoughts that are repeated
    • Someone is afraid of strangers
    • Someone has low appetite and sleeps little
  13. What is the cause of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?
    • Being exposed to a virus
    • Coming from a foreign country
    • An unplanned pregnancy
    • A traumatic experience
  14. If a person has post-traumatic stress disorder what behaviour could she display?
    • She may want more attention than other women
    • She may not keep herself clean
    • She may be very frightened and jumpy
    • She may be sleepy all the time
  15. What is tocophobia?
    • Fear of the unknown
    • Fear of childbirth
    • Fear of smoke
    • Fear of hospitals
  16. Psychosis is suspected when:
    • Someone is rude
    • Someone is out of touch with reality
    • Someone feels worthless
    • Someone trembles and has a racing heart
  17. Which of the following could be a symptom of psychosis?
    • Laughing at something sad
    • Crying at something sad
    • Being sad all the time
    • Sleeping all the time
  18. What is substance use disorder?
    • Drinking or taking drugs during pregnancy
    • Drinking or taking drugs because of problems at work
    • Having to take drugs because of high blood pressure
    • Being dependent on drinking or drugs to get through the day
  19. Which of the following statements is true?
    • Women with mental illnesses cannot get better
    • Very few pregnant women in South Africa have mental illnesses
    • Postnatal psychosis is the only mental illness women suffer from around childbirth
    • Mental illness in the mother can have a negative effect for the child
  20. What is co-morbid?
    • When both mother and baby die in childbirth
    • When two symptoms of the same disease are present
    • When two illnesses occur at the same time
    • When either the mother or the baby are ill