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Test 1: Care of the mother

Please choose the one, most correct answer to each question or statement.

  1. How long are most normal pregnancies?
    • 36 weeks
    • 40 weeks
    • 42 weeks
  2. What is a common sign of early pregnancy?
    • Headaches
    • Tender, swollen breasts
    • Abdominal pain
  3. When should a woman book for antenatal care?
    • As soon as her pregnancy is confirmed
    • When she first feels her baby moving
    • When she is 6 months pregnant and her abdomen is getting bigger
  4. Why are antenatal visits important?
    • They are needed for the woman to claim maternity leave
    • They help to keep mother and baby healthy
    • The woman cannot deliver at a clinic if she did not attend there for her antenatal visits
  5. What important role can a community health worker play in providing antenatal care?
    • Rub the woman’s abdomen with oil at every home visit
    • Measure her blood pressure every week
    • Make sure that she is attending all her appointments at an antenatal clinic
  6. What is a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy?
    • Do not smoke or drink alcohol
    • Have heavy exercise only once a week and add extra salt to all meals
    • Gain as much weight as possible so that breastfeeding will be successful
  7. What daily supplements should pregnant women have?
    • Iron
    • Vitamin C
    • Fluoride
  8. Which of the following is a danger sign in pregnancy?
    • Having to get up at night to pass urine
    • Heartburn
    • Vaginal bleeding
  9. What is a birth plan?
    • Deciding on a name for the baby before delivery
    • Having a clear idea what to do when labour starts
    • Taking special health insurance for delivery
  10. What should a CHW ask about at a home visit after delivery?
    • Does the lochia (vaginal fluid) smell bad
    • Has the mother bought a bottle and milk formula yet
    • Whether the mother is able to pay for the visit