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Test 3: Exclusive breastfeeding

Please choose the one, most correct answer to each question or statement.

  1. What is the best way of feeding a baby?
    • Exclusive breastfeeding
    • Mixed breastfeeding
    • Formula feeding
  2. What is an important benefit of exclusive breastfeeding for the baby?
    • The baby will gain weight from day one after birth
    • It lowers the risk of infections
    • Thses babies do not need to be fed at night
  3. What is an important problem with formula feeding?
    • It is expensive and needs clean water
    • Formula fed babies grow too fast
    • Formula can only be given by bottle
  4. What is a complication of mixed feeding?
    • Babies cry a lot
    • The risk of HIV infection is increased
    • It makes mothers lazy
  5. When should the normal infant be put to the breast for the first time?
    • Only after 3 hours when the infant has been bathed
    • After the mother has had a good sleep
    • As soon after birth as possible
  6. Should an exclusively breastfed baby be given water to drink?
    • Only when the weather is very hot
    • Only when the baby does not want to drink from the breast
    • An exclusively breastfed baby should not be given extra water feeds
  7. How should a baby be given expressed breast milk?
    • With a bottle
    • With a cup
    • With a straw or teaspoon
  8. For how long should mothers exclusively breastfeed?
    • For three months
    • For six months
    • For nine months
  9. What is a sign of good attachment?
    • It is painful for the mother
    • The baby’s chin does not touch the mother’s breast
    • The nipple and most of the areola are taken into the baby’s mouth
  10. How should breastfeeding be promoted?
    • Women should be told the advantages of breastfeeding in antenatal clinics
    • Bottle feeding should be banned in hospitals and clinics
    • The price of formula should be increased