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Test 4: HIV in mother and baby

Please choose the one, most correct answer to each question or statement.

  1. How does HIV cause disease?
    • It damages the immune system
    • It damages the heart and lungs
    • It damage the brain and liver
  2. What test is used to diagnose HIV infection in adults?
    • A urine test
    • A rapid blood test
    • A simple skin test
  3. How is HIV commonly spread?
    • By kissing and holding hands
    • By using a public toilet
    • By unprotected sexual intercourse
  4. Why is HIV infection difficult to diagnose clinically?
    • Because many HIV infected people are clinically well
    • Because HIV infection is very similar to tuberculosis
    • Because people die quickly when they have HIV infection
  5. What is HIV stigma?
    • A common rash caused by HIV
    • The incorrect belief that people with HIV are bad, dirty and immoral and should be avoided and punished
    • An injection used to treat people with AIDS
  6. When may HIV spread from a mother to her baby?
    • During pregnancy but not during delivery
    • Only during delivery
    • Both during pregnancy and delivery
  7. How are antiretroviral medicines (ARVs) given to pregnant women?
    • A single tablet (fixed dose combination) should be taken every evening
    • A single tablet (fixed dose combination) should be taken both morning and evening
    • Two tablets (fixed dose combination) should be taken three times a day
  8. What antiretroviral medicine (ARV) should be given to babies born to HIV positive mothers?
    • Nevirapine
    • A fixed dose combination of 2 medicines
    • AZT
  9. How should HIV positive women feed their newborn babies?
    • Bottle feed with milk formula
    • Exclusively breastfeed
    • Give both formula and breast milk
  10. How can Community Health Workers support HIV positive pregnant women?
    • Advise them not to tell their partners that they are HIV positive
    • Suggest that they ask for a Caesarean section when they deliver
    • Encourage them to take their antiretroviral medicine (ARVs) correctly every day