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The aim of this Perinatal HIV course is to improve the care of HIV-positive pregnant women and their newborn infants in all communities, especially in poor peri-urban and rural districts of southern Africa.

Perinatal HIV was developed by a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, obstetricians, paediatricians, senior professors and colleagues in government health departments. This ensures a balanced, practical and up-to-date approach to common and important clinical problems.

We acknowledge the contributions of the following colleagues, each an expert in their own field of perinatal care or HIV management:

Prof M. Adhikari; Dr R. Bobat; Dr J. Burgess; Sr F. Cope; Dr M. Cotton; Prof H. de Groot; Dr G. Gray; Dr D. Greenfield; Prof G. Hussey; Sr M. Kreft; Prof G. Maartens; Mrs S. Martindale-Tucker; Dr J. McIntyre; Dr C. Orrell; Sr M. Petersen; Dr K. Pillay; Prof G. Theron

We also acknowledge all the participants of the Perinatal HIV course who over the years have made suggestions and offered constructive criticism. It is only through constant feedback from colleagues and participants that the content of our courses can be improved.

We would like to thank Eduhealthcare for funding this publication.

Editor-in-chief of the Perinatal Education Programme, Prof D. L. Woods